Meet Kihwan Kim, Also Known as Kuro: The Tattoo Artist Who Expresses Personality and Freshness Through His work

Kihwan Kim, also known as Kuro, is a tattoo artist who likes fashion and in particular, tattoos with which he can express his personality and freshness as anyone else would with clothes and accessories. His work as Kuro Pattern can be seen here.

I think tattoos play a very important role in showcasing a person’s personality. With tattoos and also with my paintings, I like to capture the energy of nature.” Kuro says.

With his mastery obtained through years of work, Kuro expresses in his tattoos and artistry a harmonious way between the pattern and a dark or oriental material. This makes his work stand out.

Since Kuro was very young he liked to make things. He has always been interested in art and creation and as a tattoo artist both things go hand in hand so he realized that tattooing was the job that best suited him.

Kuro’s goal is to make clients feel proud, happy and satisfied with their tattoos. Before carrying out his work, he spends the necessary time to talk to the client to be sure to meet and exceed the expectations.

“I perform my work with care and attention to the whole process because customers must be satisfied and there should not be any mistakes in the tattooing process.” Kuro explains.

Kuro is very aware of the risks involved in doing a job not only for what it implies to his reputation as a tattoo professional but also to the self-esteem and physique of his clients. And he extends this notion to other people looking to start their own business in particular in the tattoo industry.

“You need to be careful and aware of what you are doing. Many people start this job today and not everything is easy. You should not make mistakes and if you engrave them on the client’s body, they will not be erased.” Kuro states.

Based on this, the only fear that Kuro ever feels is that one of his clients will complain or be dissatisfied with his work. But that is precisely why he is always careful to make sure this situation never occurs.

For Kuro, success is being able to do his work for a long time–to keep tattooing others for many years and have a constant flow of customers. 

There must be constant customers. I have to make my paintings grow with constant efforts, and I hope there will be customers who ask for my skills even when I get older.” Kuro reflects.

At the end of the day, Kuro is different from other tattoo artists because he is very good at expressing oriental things with his own style. In the near future, his goal is to meet more people and grow more, while also participating in many tattoo and art contests 

Learn more about Kuro and his work here.


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