Meet Matt Footner, Founder of FX Plus Range: Turning a Pandemic into a Passive Income Opportunity

When the pandemic shut down business and opportunity for many people, there were a select few that took that challenge and turned it into opportunity for themselves. At the start of COVID-19’s onset, Matt Footner formed a business producing individual Forex trading BOTs, FX Plus Range. It all started from his kitchen table in Tokyo. His BOTs were easily producing above high monthly returns, and through Facebook advertisements, started selling them individually online. 

“With high returns comes a high risk to capital. I had my full time job as a financial advisor so I had to be careful to prevent a conflict of interest, therefore I was unable to sell in Japan, where I was currently living. However, pretty soon, I was selling multiple BOTs and as the global lockdowns got tighter, people were looking for more ways to make their cash go further, so I knew I needed to find a way to reduce the risk for myself and my customers,” Matt says. 

Soon after, Matt was approached by a Global Top 10 Forex brokerage to regulate his product and therefore allow people to invest in a fund-like structure. In this way, clients’ capital risk is heavily reduced while still producing very favourable returns. After launching his fund in January of 2021 with only $90 thousand dollars, Matt was able to grow his fund to $250 thousand by the end of the month. Currently, he has nearly $5 million invested at returns of around 21.5% per month. 

“Business has been so successful that I have now quit my job as an international financial advisor, moved from East Asia to Europe to concentrate on building the fund full time. If the pandemic had not hit, I would still be doing my job, which I loved, but would have kept me on the treadmill of life,” Matt outlines. 

Matt was able to start his business because of the freedom working from home brought him. As a full time financial advisor, the transition to working remotely meant he was only working on a reduced two hours per day on video calls, versus spending 8 to 10 hours traveling around the city to visit clients. With all his new found free time, he was able to start his new trading firm to generate passive income. 

“Passive income lifestyle has become a buzz phrase among the younger generation. I’ve been able to build a business that will turnover more than a one million dollars in the first year of trading without having ever met my partners, marketing team, or accountants face to face. Building a multi million dollar business has never been this easy! I thought I was getting into the industry to generate a modest passive income, but now, I’m able to live my version of a passive income lifestyle which allows me to work wherever I want in the world from my laptop,” Matt outlines. 

Matt’s fund runs completely based on AI technology. His investors deposit $10 thousand or upwards, and from there on out, their trading is completely automated, with no decisions required from the investor at all. Emotion is removed completely from the equation as all trades are automated and based on AI. 

“For those looking to start their own journey, I remind them to try and enjoy the journey. You will have challenges, and so what? You will have lows and highs, so enjoy them in equal measure. Learn as you go along because there’s so much help at the tap of a button. If you have a great idea, go for it!” Matt says. 

Matt’s company, FX Plus Range, can be found at their website.


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