Meet Mayra Mateus: The Plastic Artist Whose Work Tells People That Dreams Are More Important Than Money

Mayra Mateus is a plastic artist who owns a brand based on piggy banks that represent the message that she wants to convey through her art: that dreams are worth more than money.

Back in May 2018, Mayra first decided to start her own business because she wanted to be the owner of her own business and thus not work and invest her time to fulfill the dreams of someone else.

Mayra is a pop artist who discovered her artistic ability while she was a cashier at a pizzeria. That passion motivated her to start her business to disseminate her message about how dreams are more important than money.

Even though she has great qualities for art, Mayra has faced some obstacles with her brand and work. The biggest challenge is making people feel identified with art that is as distinct and different as hers.

Unlike other artists who paint renown characters or landscapes, Mayra creates her own characters–going through the process of design, developing and implementation. This helps her stand out from others.  

“My advice to people trying to start their own business or project is to always try to be original and provide something different to others.” Mayra says.

For Mayra everything started in 2016, when she enrolled at Miami Dade College to study art formally. There, she learned how to make oil paintings, realism, landscape and animal art, and more standard techniques.

There, she realized that this type of painting style was not for her. So after life-changing experiences, she decided to drop otu from her studies. Soon after, she was attracted to street art such as the spray paintings in Wynwood, Miami.

“The colors, shapes, stories and everything about pop art attracted me and helped me realize this was my vocation.” Mayra shares.

In the near future, Mayra’s projects include teaching others the importance of dreams through her piggy bank art, as well as sharing with others how they can replicate the same type of work.

In addition, Mayra will continue to share her art through her social media platforms such as Instagram, where she has a community of over 62,000 followers who get to see her spray and pop art first hand.

Learn more about Mayra and check out her work here.


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