Melissa Marie Ponce Is Creating Great Customer Service In An Industry Where There Often Isn’t Any. Find Out More Below

Melissa Marie Ponce was born and raised in Camden, New Jersey. The world around her was a tough one where crime, as she describes it, was normal. This motivated her more than anything to ensure that she did not become a part of that lifestyle. Instead, she dedicated herself to doing better.

“I come from a huge Puerto Rican family. I was raised by very strong women. I come from a very unique city where crime was normal. I knew growing up that there was always better. I always wanted to make a change in my community and internationally. I came up with my line to show women like myself that anything is possible. I have now worked with makeup artists around the globe and my cosmetics have been seen on WWE superstars and famous musicians to name a few. My line has also been featured on magazines such as British GQ magazine and Vanity Fair,” Melissa states.

Her cosmetic industry, Marie Sky, is primarily focused on lips and the line is dedicated to Melissa’s sister who she says was her inspiration for the entire line. Her love of cosmetics paired with her love for her sister created the perfect business and product for Melissa.

“I always loved makeup! I always wanted to be in the fashion & cosmetics industry. I believe that fashion and cosmetics are a form of art and expression. I would like to say my biggest inspiration would be my little sister, whom I dedicated my whole line to. She was a photographer and always captured beautiful images. I wanted something beautiful that would define her. She passed away a few years back from cancer and this was a way to remember her daily,” Melissa says.

Despite her success and passion for the industry, there have been many challenges for her in the business. With so many options and different kinds of makeup brands out there, it can be incredibly hard to stand out in the industry, but Melissa has been able to overcome that trial.

“My biggest challenge in this industry was trying to do something different that no one has done before. Whether it is a new color or a new wave of cosmetic tools. Also bringing awareness to my brand was a challenge. My biggest obstacle was to think that I can come out with a brand and it will do amazing. I really thought that this “entrepreneur” stuff would be a piece of cake. I did not foresee all of the work that I had to do behind the scenes to get awareness. Also trusting people with your brand. No one cares about it except you so own that and out work yourself,” Melissa explains.

What she has done to separate herself out from the crowd is to really focus on customer experience and service. Many companies are unconcerned with customer satisfaction and relationships, but Melissa never sacrifices this when it comes to her business.

“I am different then all other brands because I am one on one with every customer and influencer. Customer Service is my top priority. I want everyone to feel like family when they start to know about Marie Sky. Also, 10% of all proceeds of Marie Sky sales goes to Pediatric Cancer,” Melissa remarks.

In the coming months, Melissa is planning on branching out to try out more cosmetics.

“I am coming out with more cosmetics and very vibrant colors of lipsticks. I am also working on a beautiful jewelry line,” Melissa comments.

To find out more about Melissa, you can follow her on instagram here and check out her website here.


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