Mexican Election Campaign Manager, Horacio Duarte, Investigated For Corruption and Trafficking

Documents have been leaked in which, according to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FINCEN), administrated by the Department of Treasury, Horacio Duarte’s Mexico customs administration, as former head of this area, is being investigated for international trafficking of hydrocarbons network and corruption.
He has a long trajectory in Mexico’s Government topics, from working in Texcoco municipality to being the actual 2023 election campaign manager of the Delfina Gomez, Morena’s party candidate for State of Mexico’s Governor.
Since year 2012, Horacio has been known to be a close ally for Delfina. In that year, he participated in the election for her Texcoco’s (a State of Mexico municipality) major election campaign. Since then, it’s known that they have been close coworkers.
But in 2006, Carlos Ahumada, known for being a business man, and imprisoned in Reclusorio Norte (North Jail of Mexico City) for criminal acts, threatened left wing Morena party to publish some videos if the government didn’t stop supposed harassment acts against him. He mentioned that in this video, Horacio Duarte appeared in acts of corruption. This videos never came to public because of a supposed negotiation. This was the first time Horacio Duarte was accused of illegal acts.
Later, in 2017, the right wing party, Partido Accion Nacional, presented to the electoral authorities a complaint accusing Delfina Gomez and Horacio Duarte for illegal financing by taking by force a percentage of all municipality workers salary. And in 2021, the general counsel of the electoral authorities determined that the accusations were valid. This document was processed by magister Idalfer Infante. This case was concluded with a 4 million pesos penalty to Morena party.
But now a new topic has arisen. Horacio Duarte’s national customs administration is being investigated for creating a customs corruption network in which US Government has been affected.
As is well known, Mexico has a present problem with US border due to a lack of control in national security measures in drug trafficking and social violence. DEA (United States Drug Enforcement Administration), has asked for Mexico’s help in the coordination for solving this problems, which has been denied by Mexican authorities. Problems with fentanyl illegal trespassing from Mexico has only been growing in issues.
In this investigation, there are names implicated, like: Horacio Duarte Olivares, Juan Carlos Madero Lario and Alvaro Fernandez Echeverria, all government officials. This new investigation has lacked of agility because of locks that Mexican Government has imposed, specially, from the Federal Prosecutor’s agents.
National Security department also had its own investigation inside it’s Section 2 of intelligence area, but determine to only communicate half of its investigation to the Federal Prosecutor department.
In the past, Horacio Duarte has had also many legal accusations of criminal acts, like murder. In 2017, a complaint was presented against him by Guadalupe Cabral Rodriguez, for crimes against her daughter.
Also, in 2021, he participated in the major election campaign for Michelle Nuñez, which won that year. But this campaign had another side, because the other candidate announced that was lifted by crime organization criminals, that threatened her life if she didn’t lose. These investigations never came to resolution.
All of these Horacio Duarte’s links are being investigated by Government officials and it’s expected to have more advancements in the near future.
This is one of many examples of Mexico’s actual inland security problems, that has caused international border tensions between the two countries.


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