Milan Design Week: Where Natalie Vecino’s Creative Vision Came to Life

Natalie Vecino, a passionate interior designer originally from Colombia and currently residing in Milan, Italy has carved a remarkable path in the world of design. Her journey began with a strong foundation in interior design and design management, which nurtured her ability to curate spaces that seamlessly blend functionality with beauty. 

Natalie’s unique perspective and impeccable taste have consistently translated into awe-inspiring designs that captivate and inspire. Living in Milan, the design and furniture capital has been transformative for her. 

Milan refined Natalie’s eye for design and immersed her in cutting-edge trends. Her pivotal experience during Milan Design Week, collaborating with renowned artist Bea Pernia, expanded her knowledge and allowed her to contribute her vision to a remarkable collection of product designs.

Natalie’s role extends beyond design; she leads the European market of Bea Interior Design. Her responsibilities include curating the artist collection, bridging the gap between European and American design, and overseeing product distribution to galleries and private collectors. Simultaneously, she collaborates with the Miami team on innovative and sustainable commercial and residential projects.

I have a strong passion for finding innovative and sustainable materials, bridging the gap between European and American design. Additionally, I handle the distribution of our products to galleries and private collectors.” Natalie expresses.

The motivation behind her involvement in Milan Design Week was to tap into the city’s vibrant design scene and connect with the forefront of design and innovation.

During my time in Milan, I had the opportunity to gain insight into trend forecasting from local designers and suppliers, which provided valuable knowledge about the European market.” Natalie comments.

While studying for her master’s degree in interior design at Istituto Marangoni, she seized the opportunity to collaborate with her mentor, Bea Pernia, on a sustainable project.

Coincidentally, while I was studying, my mentor and talented award-winning artist Bea Pernia was preparing for her debut design show in Milan. Given our previous collaboration history, we decided to join forces once again.” Natalie says.

This collaboration led to the successful unveiling of the “Atus collection” under “The Art of Formation,” in collaboration with Art & Loom exploring the convergence of sculpture and functionality inspired by natural rock formations.

Working on Design Week posed its challenges, particularly in logistics, exhibition setup, and furniture installation. However, Natalie’s dedication and clear vision ensured the success of the project.

To those aspiring to start their own businesses, Natalie’s advice is to embrace curiosity, network actively, and observe the world around them. Consistency, a positive attitude, a strong work ethic, and openness are essential in all endeavors.

Natalie’s journey has involved navigating diverse cultures and markets, which has challenged her but also broadened her horizons and deepened her understanding of the world.

Looking ahead, Natalie’s future projects include creating captivating interiors, innovative products, and exploring sustainability. She’s collaborating with Bea Pernia on a new collection for Art Basel Miami, aiming for continued global success.

For those seeking design inspiration and innovation, Natalie Vecino invites you to explore her world of creativity. Don’t miss the opportunity to collaborate with a visionary interior designer. Contact Natalie Vecino now and turn your space into a masterpiece.


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