Mind Over Matter – Kate Gray Shows Us How This Is True In Life and Business

Kate Gray is the owner of the “ Boss Business Institute,” a digital platform that supports a large community of women in scaling their online businesses from a mere startup, to a wildly successful business. Kate had a difficult life, with many obstacles getting in the way of living the life that she truly wanted for herself. Because of this, Kate’s vision is to provide other women with the freedom that she always wanted to have and has been able to achieve as an entrepreneur. 

Like many successful entrepreneurs, Kate was able to overcome the lowest point in her life, pushing her to do something great. In fact, Kate went from being homeless and having a drug addiction to becoming a 7 figure entrepreneur. Despite having no capital when she started her first 7 figure business, Kate was able to grow it to 7 figures in a little over a year. This goes to show that you don’t need to have all the resources available in order to start a business, but you instead grow and learn throughout the process. 

“I would say lack of resilience is the biggest challenge when starting a business. Most people say they want a business, however, they lack the necessary ability to take hits and keep moving in the face of everything feeling like it is falling apart,” shares Kate. 

In fact, Kate believes that business is 80% mindset and 20% strategy. This is why starting a business will be the biggest developmental journey of your life, but you need to commit to it and keep going despites any obstacles you might encounter on the way. Kate has not only been able to push through the hard times that come with starting a business, but has been successful for her unique genuine approach to her business and clients. Kate states, “I actually care about people, yes I am ruthless and will make hard decisions when needed however I do care for people and want them to win.”


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