Nashville school shooter fired 152 rounds during massacre

The 28-year-old who carried out a shooting at a Nashville Christian school last week, in which three children and three adults were killed, fired 152 rounds, city police said Monday. Authorities also noted that while the motives for the massacre are not yet known, the attacker planned the events “over a period of months” and that other mass murderers were studied.

Audrey Hale, who police identify as the shooter and a former student there, “acted entirely on her own behalf,” the Nashville Metropolitan Police said in an update released Monday. Investigators with the police department and the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit continue to review Hale’s writings, which the agency said contain documentation of the planning of the attack.

“Hale is known to have taken into account the actions of other mass murderers,” the statement said.

Most of the cartridges Hale fired (126) were from a 5.56 rifle and 26 were from a 9mm, according to police.

The investigation update comes a week after Hale — carrying three firearms, according to police — stormed the Covenant School and entered the building after shooting through locked glass doors.


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