No E-Commerce Business Can Succeed Without An Effective Warehouse: Find Out How Cesar Diaz’ Company I Logistics USA Can Help

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the process of receiving, packaging, and shipping goods. In e-commerce these processes are run online. When a business moves a considerable volume of merchandise, there is the option to hire a 3PL–third-party logistics company that can assist in the supply chain.

These 3PL companies provide the logistics functions that allow optimizing part of the manufacturer’s supply chain management. This frees the manufacturer from having to have its own fleet of vehicles or its own warehouses.

Cesar Diaz, who came to the United States in 2010 from his native Venezuela, is involved in 3PL e-commerce and runs an eFulfillment Center. He has a bachelor’s degree in tax sciences with a focus on customs and foreign trade, which came in handy when he began working in a courier company.

In 2010 I arrived to the United States like any other immigrant with a lot of dreams, and I began working in a courier company where I learned a lot about logistics, which is similar to what I had studied in my native country Venezuela where I got a degree in fiscal sciences with a mention in customs and foreign trade.” Cesar shares.

After some years, life presented Cesar with an opportunity in 2017. While he was working in Uber in Florida, he met a person who offered him a job in a fulfillment center. Once at work, he realized that his employer required the services of a 3PL company, since he waited over a week to have an order ready. Cesar decided to get a warehouse to start processing the orders in just 24 hours.

In 2018, Cesar created i Logistics USA to offer warehouse services to e-commerce businesses. He partnered with his brother who had a friend who needed the services offered by Cesar’s company. After creating the webpage, more clients began to arrive, which allowed him to acquire the appropriate software that has helped him to reach more than 200 clients today.

“Thanks to the implementation of the SAP system and its exclusive software, we are able to serve more than 200 clients, managing in an orderly manner and in real-time the inventories of each one of those clients. We are also able to provide our clients with 24/7 attention, which is a weakness of large companies in the industry.” Cesar says.

There are big companies with long trajectories, but there were also small companies that had grown exponentially in a little amount of time. This motivated Cesar and his brother to continue their own project and offer the best customer service.

“The careful attention we give to each of our customers differentiates us from other companies.” He adds. “Our 200 customers are immediately happy with our customer service and we solve all their problems. We have tried to keep them happy and understand and support them all through their business. Our slogan is: We don’t have customers, we have partners!”

It is Cesar’s motivation to always provide the best service coupled with his desire to improve and learn the reason why he understands the importance of mindset when it comes to starting a business.

“The mind is the most important thing because to be an entrepreneur can be seen as complicated and some people may prefer a salary with a schedule, but if you mentalize and visualize greater things you can achieve everything you propose.” Cesar states. “My advice to those who are trying to start their own business or brand is to work while others sleep, to not rest, to look for the weaknesses of great business owners, and to know that every effort pays off at the end of the day.”

Cesar’s future projects include having a larger presence in other states of the country, as well as in other countries around the world. They want to have a warehouse of i Logistics USA in at least four states of the United States and expand to Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Find out more about Cesar or about how you can grow your e-commerce business with i Logistics USA here.


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