Nolan Ivey Grew Up Without A Lot of Money, But Found His Way to Success with the Trading Market. Now, He is Giving Those Lessons to Others.

Growing up without a lot of money is a difficult thing to overcome and a hard way to begin your journey towards success. However, for Nolan Ivey, it was these moments that taught him much about starting a business and learning how to work with what you have. Growing up with his mom, they struggled frequently to make ends meet.

“My mother and I struggled financially. Many times we lived with no lights and months without paying any bills, she relied on her one source of income and food stamps provided by the government to sustain our way of living. This was around the time where I learned a lot of tough lessons about life when there is no money. I started my first business when I was 13 years old selling clothes to other students and faculty in my middle school,” Nolan recounts.

This wasn’t the end of Nolan’s financial troubles though. He took it upon himself to start a business during his college years and was quickly homeless and barely making enough money to buy food. This was the time that Nolan learned to master the world of trading and use those lessons he had learned early on in his life and apply them to the business world.

I decided it was time for a change and moved to Glendale, Arizona. Within two weeks I was homeless, struggling and sleeping in my car for the next eight months. Throughout this time I mastered the skill of trading in the foreign exchange market and launched my business, Profits and Gains Enterprise which teaches people how to generate $50 to $10,000 in 90 days (which is what I did). After finally getting on my feet and being in business officially for six months we’ve generated over $125,000 in sales and I’m now a six figure professional foreign exchange trader,” Nolan states.

Now, Nolan is sharing those lessons with the world. He has become a name in the trading education industry where he specializes in taking people who have as low as $50 in their bank account and making them into five or six figure earners.

“I run an educational business course teaching people how to master the foreign exchange market with only $50 to their name. We provide an A-z blueprint on how to generate $10,000 within 90 days trading in this market, one on one mentorship, an exclusive trading community with a signals chat so you can earn while you learn and over hundreds of hours of pre recorded content so people can learn at their own pace,” Nolan says.

Nolan’s business is unlike any other. Not only does he have the personal experience and expertise that he himself learned the hard way to back his business promise, but there are no others out there that have successfully helped others with so light upfront money like his business has.

“Our product and what we do is something no one else in the industry has been able to duplicate. No one else can take an average individual and teach them not only a profitable life long skill but also provide them with capital they can use to chase after any dream they want,” Nolan remarks.

With so many more lives to change, Nolan has big plans for the new year. He details them below: 

“Launching our innovative AI Trading Software that will trade peoples money and provide a monthly return on their investment, creating new and exciting content for our courses and adding other professional traders to the platform.”

To find out more about Nolan, follow him on instagram here.


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