Paul Carassone Started in the Real Estate World at Age 16 and Spent Years Honing His Skills. Now, He is Sharing All of His Skills with the New Generation of Entrepreneurs.

Photo Credit: Four-Shadow

Real estate is a great career for many people who want to become entrepreneurs in their own right. However, many people think that just by joining the real estate world that they will make it big, but that is often not the case. This is where someone like Paul Carassone comes in!

Paul has known that real estate was his calling since a young age. He never deviated from the path and has spent decades making a name for himself in the real estate world.

“I always had an interest in real estate, however what sealed the deal for me was in 1987 walking down 5th ave in NYC with my girlfriend at the time.  I saw Donald Trump walking out of his building and he waved and nodded at me. I took that as a sign,” Paul recounts

Now, he is giving back to others in the real estate world who want to follow a similar path. For Paul, he feels like he is set in life and comfortable in his career. Now, he is turning to the new generation of up and coming entrepreneurs and giving back to the community by teaching them the ropes of the business.

“I am 56 Years old. I am a real estate investor / Property manager. I am also a court appointed Property manager / fiduciary. I am now starting to teach and mentor people on how to make money and keep it through Real estate investing,” Paul explains.

What helps Paul be so successful in his pursuit of helping others is that he is deeply involved in every aspect of his business and his team and treats his customers with the respect they deserve as up and coming entrepreneurs.

“I am personally involved in all aspects of my business and I treat all my customers (tenants) the way I like to be treated. I have the ability to solve problems and not to panic over things,” Paul states.

Paul, despite his decades of success, has faced many obstacles along the way including people getting in the way of his own achievements and trying to take money from him. The way he was able to overcome this was having an excellent mindset. In addition, he advises that each of his pupils understand that they cannot control everything.

“You can’t control everything and plans will change. Beware of the unknown! Keep things to yourself, and be nice to people because there is a very good chance they will be wishing you to fail or become your competition some day,” Paul advises.

To find out more about Paul, follow him on instagram here and check out his website here


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