People in Real Estate Need To Master Marketing To Succeed: That is Why Nelson Perdomo Launched a University For the Spanish-Speaking World

Nelson Perdomo is a real estate entrepreneur who works in the real estate industry. Because of his effective and tested strategies for real estate marketing, he is often referred to as the real estate marketing guru.

Nelson took his first steps in the world of entrepreneurship as an insurance salesman at the age of 20. More than 10 years ago, he began to study professional marketing in different areas such as branding development, social media, and sales funnels.

In those twists and turns of life, approximately four years ago, Nelson needed to sell his own property, a situation that forced him to focus on the real estate industry. In doing so, he discovered certain weaknesses that the industry had in terms of marketing strategy.

I started giving consultancies, creating sales funnels for real estate projects, the word of mouth was increasing and every day I had more work. I decided to pack my knowledge in digital format and that was when I decided to create my first course on marketing for the real estate industry.” Nelson shares.

The success that Nelson obtained made him reach the next level taking his knowledge and experience to create a unique business and launch the first and only real estate marketing university in the Spanish-speaking world. 

University Marketing Inmobiliario (also known as UMIN) is the first of its kind and already more than 3,400 people have acquired the necessary knowledge to succeed in the industry.

Every day I am passionate about the world of marketing and business. I am a true believer that when you have a genuine value proposition you can transform the lives of many people.” Nelson comments.

With the exposure that Nelson has gained on the internet, he has been able to diversify his business units by developing technological developments for the real estate industry and being a co-founding partner of the company Mi Segunda Casa.

Mi Segunda Casa mixes the use of technology with fractional ownership investment to offer customers a more accessible experience when looking to purchase a second property in Colombia, and soon in all Latin America.

Nelson’s motivation for starting his business was the realization that his results were helping to increase the income of people in the real estate industry, and as a consequence also improve the quality of life of those people.

“Many e-learning models in the real estate industry have failed. So the model we have for real estate is disruptive in a very competitive industry, which is a huge hurdle to overcome.” He explains.

What makes Nelson stand out from the rest is the fact that he has launched the first and only real estate marketing university in the Spanish-speaking world with a clear cut mission: to be able to contribute to the reduction of the digital divide in the real estate industry. 

In a world where the advancement in technology is often greater than the ability of people to keep up with these advances, it is necessary to have a good mindset, and even more so when the person works in an industry as competitive as real estate.

Nelson’s advice to all people looking to start their own business is to start creating their own online communities and seek to solve problems through some element that differentiates them in a noticeable way within the market they decide to enter.

In the near future, Nelson is focused on creating various projects that involve technology to solve more issues within the real estate industry. Learn more about that and follow him here.


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