Rosemberg Culma, Also Known as Ross El Nuevo Grande, is the Most Recent Stand Out in the Music Industry: Learn More About This Colombian Singer

Rosemberg Culma, also known as “Ross El Nuevo Grande,” is an urban music singer of Colombian origin behind hits like “Vas a Llorar” and “Gucci.” From a young age, Ross felt a passion for music.

Since I was a child I liked music. At first I saw it as a hobby because my financial situation was not the best but I decided that once I did well, I was going to make music my main profession.” Ross shares.

Ross found in music the ideal way to support his family. He is a persevering and strong person, and offers a musical proposal different from the rest of the singers in the industry.

This makes him stand out with a clear identity so for him it is not necessary to even try to look like other urban artists. One of the biggest obstacles Ross has had to overcome was leaving his comfort zone.

This led Ross to learn to prioritize things in order to achieve his goals. To do this, he  has had to strengthen his mentality, especially because, in the music industry, criticism is abundant and the artist cannot allow that to affect him under any circumstances.

If you do not have clear goals and objectives it will be very difficult to grow. You have to be mentally strong because the criticism and the ups and downs can slow down or affect the growth process.” Ross says.

Ross has recently launched his new single “Vas A Llorar“, a romantic reggaeton piece to dedicate to others. The music video was shot in Florida, in the United States, under the label of Danny Ruan.

Danny Ruan is known for making music videos for artists such as Nio Garcia and Juan Magan. The story of “Vas A Llorar” unfolds throughout the song and its objective is to give visibility to mental illnesses that have been underestimated by society and that today afflict the youth.

 “VAS A LLORAR seeks to create a positive impact on those people who have suffered for love and perhaps do not find the right way out.” Ross explains.

If you want to know more about Ross and check out his music, click here.


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