Salt On Purpose is a New Book by Dewayne Moore Pushing People to be More Like Salt. Find Out More Below.

Dewayne Moore had an upbringing that influenced his life forever. Being raised by a single mom, Dewayne had to learn, grow, and adapt in ways that were unlike many of his contemporaries. Thankfully, Dewayne was able to overcome these obstacles through the help and support of many of those around him.

“Being raised by a single mom in San Diego and my journey in athletics has positioned me with a unique perspective and understanding of the world. My athletic background and the people who poured into me taught me how to persevere and the work ethic I learned gave me the strength I needed to endure my life’s journey. Wisdom comes through experience, and the opportunities I’ve had coaching and teaching have offered a level of influence I would have never come by on my own,” Dewayne recounts.

In addition to his family, mentors, and athletics, Dewayne was also heavily influenced by his faith journey. Throughout all of his struggle during his life and upbringing, Dewayne has allowed his faith to guide him on a path that has led him to success. 

This faith is what inspired Dewayne to write and publish his book titled Salt On Purpose. The crux of Dewayne’s book focuses on the belief that being like salt is what will lead to success because it allows you, with time, to be able to get through any situation.

“Like salt, we can penetrate any situation and influence the world around us for the good, adding flavor in any environment. This book is about sparking revival around our nation and our world to spread goodness and kindness in a holistic manner. It’s about our character and how we can live well. Regardless of your worldview or belief system, you have faith in something. Most everyone today feels the void in their chest and the feeling that there has to be more to this life. Salt on Purpose helps you identify areas of your own life that need more flavor and paves the way to fill that void,” Dewayne details.

Now ranked #94 in Christian Leadership books, #58 in religious leadership books, and #244 in religious faith books, Dewayne’s book is booming with five star reviews. 

What has been most important, for Dewayne, about publishing this book is that it spread his message and belief to a much larger crowd that he normally wouldn’t be able to reach.

“There are only so many people you can touch, speak to, and influence through speaking, teaching and ministry. A book can travel much further and impact more individuals, so I wanted to publish Salt on Purpose to extend the level of impact I can make with a message that so many people need to hear,” Dewayne says.

Each chapter of the book has a particular focus meant to help with specific areas of thought, challenges, or perspective shifts that readers can dive into and relate to in their very own lives. Each section is designed to have its own individual takeaway for each and every reader.

“This is more than just a book. There’s a brand being born. This is a movement. In the world we’re living in, people must come to the realization that if anything is going to change and get better, it has to start from within. I know of organizations that are planning to use the curriculum in their chapels, small groups, and in their workplaces. We are excited about the momentum and are already working on a Bible study and a 40-day devotional that should be available later this year. There are also plans in the works adding more books,” Dewayne emphasizes.

To find out more about Dewayne, you can check out his website here and find him on instagram here


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