Sheree Wright, Founder of IBF Law Group, is Helping Communities in Phoenix, Arizona, Through Her Legal Practice

It’s necessary to recognize that sometimes the justice system can be less than fair and even seem selective, especially when human rights are violated by their skin type, income, or beliefs. 

However, there are valuable figures in the legal field who understand this issue firsthand and take it very seriously. One such professional is the attorney Sheree Wright. 

Sheree, born in Jamaica and moved to the United States, is now a renowned attorney known for her centered attention on fighting against racism and oppression.

Her interest in the cause began at a very young age, when she, unfortunately, had to live through a terrible experience witnessing how a white nationalist was publicly executing her classmate’s friend’s dad.

What could have generated this shocking situation for her began as her starting point for deciding to dedicate her entire life to law and fighting against brutal injustices that are still a problem today.

Sheree studied at DePaul University in Chicago for her bachelor’s degree. Later, she joined the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), where she played a role as an investigator. 

“My main focus there was to investigate cases that involved employment discrimination based on age, race, sex, gender, or disabilities in Fortune 500 companies,” Sheree shares.

Sheree’s path took her to Arizona, where she established The Wright Way Foundation. The foundation seeks to reduce poverty and homelessness by “Providing educational resources necessary to support youths, families, groups, and educators in Jamaica.” Sheree explains

As if that weren’t enough, Sheree founded IBF Law Group, a respected legal practice committed to serving communities in Phoenix, Arizona, and New Mexico. 

At IBF Law Group, Sheree and her associates provide professional services to clients with legal problems. Their primary focus is that minorities deserve the same treatment and defense of their rights. For this reason, IBF Law Group offers solutions to immigrants, clients with personal injuries, family law, and more. 

Sheree recognizes the inherent prejudice in Arizona that stems from a predominantly white and male judiciary, which is why she remains solid in her mission to advocate for a more inclusive system that doesn’t threaten the court’s ability to deliver impartial justice.

Although Sheree faces many challenges, she remains centered and resolute in every action she takes on behalf of her clients. She constantly demonstrates that justice can be found transparently and equitably. 

Click here to learn more about Sheree Wright and her work at IBF Law Group.


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