Sonya Hickman Shows Us How Life Sometimes Doesn’t Turn Out As Planned, But Instead Turns Out Better

Sonya Hickman is not your typical real estate agent. She is a graduate of Nova Southeastern University and spent over 20 years working in Corporate America, in some of the biggest companies in the U.S. She started her career in sales at Coca Cola, and then transitioned to Pepsico later on, but was laid-off in 2009 after a large company restructuring. She later relocated to Atlanta to work for Keurig/Green Mountain Company, and to her surprise, was laid off again after another company reorganization. At this point, Sonya was feeling very frustrated and began thinking of other possible career options. After a third company restructuring that resulted in her being laid off, Sonya was tired and could not take it any longer. She was not going back to Corporate America. 

Sonya had always been interested in real estate; however, she never thought that it would be her career. Knowing that she couldn’t stay in Corporate America any longer, Sonya registered for a real estate course and, unknowingly, started a new journey. Even though she had no idea what to do after passing the state exam, she had a wonderful mentor, Claudienne Hibbert, to guide her through the process. She then began working for Claudienne, as part of The Hibbert Group, in 2017. With her help, Sonya was able to close many deals while enjoying the experience, knowledge, training and personal development guidance.

“I must say that Real Estate has provided everything that I wanted and desired in a career. I was tired of punching a clock. I now have the freedom to work when I want and change lives,” shares Sonya. 

The pandemic taught everyone in the industry an important lesson, which is that you do not need brick and mortar offices to conduct real estate transactions. In fact, 2020 was Sonya’s best year, without ever going into the office. Now that her team has transitioned to EXP, a new virtual brokerage, Sonya is able to help more clients than ever. Through this brokerage program, Sonya continues to give her all for her clients. In fact, she distinguishes herself from competitors through her unmatched compassion. “When you are my client I’m in 110%. I will fight until the end for you,” says Sonya. 

Currently, Sonya is also focused on building her investment portfolio so that she can create additional income that will provide her even more flexibility and freedom. 

Learn more about Sonya Hickman by following her on Instagram here and checking out her page on EXP Realty. 


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