Source of the Government of Mexico says that it received the formal request to extradite Ovidio Guzmán to the United States.

The Mexican Attorney General’s Office received a formal request for extradition to the United States for Ovidio Guzmán López, son of drug trafficker Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, imprisoned in that country, a government source with knowledge of the case told CNN on Monday.

Ovidio Guzmán was captured in a special operation carried out in January in Sinaloa and faces charges in the US of conspiracy to import and distribute drugs in that country, along with his brother Joaquín Guzmán López.

On January 5th, the Secretary of Defense of Mexico, Luis Cresencio Sandoval, confirmed the arrest of Ovidio Guzmán. “Personnel of the Army and the National Guard of Mexico, in coordination with the National Intelligence Center, the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic and the Secretary of Public Security of Sinaloa, arrested Ovidio, the alleged leader of the Los Menores faction, related to the Cartel del Pacífico,” Sandoval said in televised statements.


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