Supreme Court withdraws oral arguments on Title 42 immigration policy from its calendar

The Supreme Court announced Thursday that it has withdrawn from its calendar a case related to the controversial application of Title 42 immigration policy in the Trump era.

The court gave no explanation for its action, but the Biden administration earlier announced that the Covid-19 public health emergency, which serves as the legal underpinning of the program, is scheduled to expire on May 11. So far it is still in force.

Earlier this month, the government told the court that it believes the expiration will nullify the ongoing case.

The Trump administration invoked Title 42 at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. The public health authority allows border agents to turn away migrants found at the US-Mexico border in the name of covid-19 prevention.

The oral hearing in the case was scheduled for March 1.

The judges’ decision represents the latest twist in the legal odyssey surrounding the restriction, which has been the subject of ongoing litigation amid efforts to end it.


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