Suspect arrested in New Orleans shooting that left one dead, several injured on Mardi Gras parade route

New Orleans police arrested a suspect in a shooting along the Mardi Gras parade route Sunday night that left one dead and four people injured, including a minor girl, police said.

“We were able to find two weapons at the scene and also apprehended who we believe to be the shooter,” New Orleans Police Department Deputy Chief Hans Ganthier said. “Whether he is the sole attacker or not, we will determine through the investigation.”

Police said the injured were three men and two women, including four adults and a minor. The minor is in stable condition at the University Medical Center of New Orleans, three adults are also in stable condition.

All five victims had been taken to hospital by emergency services, but one of the three men who had been shot was later pronounced dead, police said. The other four victims are reportedly in stable condition.

Gunshots erupted along the route of the popular Krewe of Bacchus parade, which traditionally takes place in the run-up to the city’s raucous Mardi Gras celebration on Tuesday. The parade was scheduled to begin shortly after 5 p.m. Sunday afternoon.

After hearing gunshots around 9:30 p.m. local time, police officers rushed to the scene, along with members of the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Department, the Louisiana State Police and the Department of Corrections, Ganthier said.

Ganthier said that while it is not clear at this time what led to the shooting, officers heard shots and responded quickly along with other agencies.

“This is really not something we wanted to see. We really wanted this to be a safe Mardi Gras and we will continue to work towards that end,” Ganthier said. “However, we really want to get the public’s help and if there are other people involved, call the authorities.”


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