Tania Caringi Took Fashion to a New Level and Brought Meaning to Clothes in Her Special Line. Find Out More Below.

Fashion is more than just for special occasions and very specific groups of people. Fashion should be accessible for everyone and available for those who want to participate in it. For Tania Caringi, her e-commerce and pop up clothing line is something she created to inspire people to embrace the side of them that they do not normally embrace.

“I run an e-commerce site as well as pop-up shops between the USA and Italy. The motivation behind my business was bringing something new and inspiring to people.  I believe in the fighters and dreamers and the collections are for every person that needs to see the light at the end of the tunnel,” Tania explains.

Tania began her career in the e-commerce and fashion world just four years ago! Despite her recent start, her line has taken off beyond her expectations. Her clothing line takes very specific influences which Tania details below:

“I began my clothing line four years ago. It was created in Los Angeles and was first introduced by the 50 contestants of Miss Universe Italy televised on television in Italy. From there, the idea of the black tourmaline collection was brought to life in collaboration with Carmen Delano CD’E. This is a collection based on positive energy and rebirth with a focus on black tourmaline stone which is believed to promote inspiration and happiness, also used to balance yin yang energies,” Tania recounts.

However, Tania’s experience was not all easy. Like with many businesses, there were bumps on the way that she had to overcome to ensure that her business was able to thrive. For Tania, her obstacle was negative thoughts. For many others, when starting their business, it is purely the introduction of their idea that can be difficult.

“I’d say the biggest challenges with starting a business would be marketing and introduction of business in a way that leaves an impact. For me, the biggest obstacle I’ve overcome is finally understanding that I cannot listen to negative comments. I must distance myself from anything that hinders my growth and at times that has been difficult,” Tania states.

Tania’s details her advice below for those looking to start their own business:

“For anyone looking to start a business, I’d say obviously follow your dreams but never forget calculated risk.”

Tania has a lot of amazing plans for the new year so to keep up with all that she is doing, follow her on instagram here and check out her website here.


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