Terrorist escapes death penalty for 2017 Manhattan attack that killed eight

An Islamic extremist who killed eight people when his truck mowed into a busy bike path in Manhattan has escaped the death penalty but faces a prison sentence of hundreds of years.

At his sentencing on Wednesday, Sayfullo Saipov showed no remorse for his victims as he spoke at length through a translator about Allah, the devil and how the Islamic faith developed.

Five tourists from Argentina, two Americans and a Belgian woman were killed in the Halloween attack in 2017, with 18 others seriously injured.

Relatives of the victims spoke at the sentencing today.

Frank Decadt, father of victim Ann-Laure Decadt, told Uzbekistan citizen Saipov that he hoped “one day you will understand the extent of horror you have inflicted on so many people”.

Marion Van Reeth, who lost her legs in the attack, sat before Saipov in her wheelchair, telling him: “I will never be able to walk like you can.”

Gabriela Pabla Pereya, the wife of Ariel Erlij, who was among five men from Argentina killed during a bike ride as they celebrated the 30th anniversary of their high school graduation, delivered the shortest statement during the sentencing hearing.

She called Saipov a coward and said if he truly wanted God “to accept and love you, go kill yourself”.


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