Texas Department of Public Safety urges people to avoid crossing into Mexico

The Texas Department of Public Safety (TDPS) is urging people to avoid crossing into Mexico after the kidnapping and deadly shooting of Americans last week and following reports of three women believed to be missing. .

“Due to the increase in violence and the fact that the Mexican drug cartels pose a significant threat to anyone crossing into Mexico, the already volatile nature of these criminal organizations and the increase in violence, it is which is why we strongly urge anyone to avoid crossing into Mexico, especially at this time,” Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman Lt. Christopher Olivarez told Erin Burnett on CNN’s Erin Burnett Out Front.

Olivarez said that while there are two rival cartels fighting each other over territory and drug smuggling routes, Mexico represents a “very dangerous” place for anyone crossing into border cities.

Olivarez said the TDPS’s position is to avoid any portion of Mexico, including portions the State Department has designated as an “exercise of increased caution.”

He said that since the cartels have a great influence in Mexico, “even in those tourist centers, there are cartels present.”

Olivarez added that those who want to travel to those places should contact the US Consulate, travel in groups and be aware of their surroundings.


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