The Future of Tennis is Bright With Up and Coming Stars like Abraham Ocampo Trasviña From Mexico

In the world of sports, the great stars have been those who have been dedicated to the sport they practice from an early age, such as Leo Messi in soccer, Roger Federer in tennis, Michael Phelps in swimming, Michael Jordan in basketball, and many more people.

In general terms, practicing a sport is the best option together with a balanced diet to have a healthy body and perform at its best for a longer period of time. There are countless health benefits that physical activity brings to the body and also to the mental state of those who practice sports. 

One of the young and upcoming professional stars in the world of tennis is Abraham Ocampo Trasviña, who is a 14-year old high-performance tennis player and winner of the bronze medal in the doubles category at the Mexican National Olympics held in Acapulco, Guerrero in 2021.

The only son of Alma Trasviña and Rubén Ocampo, he had his first contact with tennis at the early age of 4. In fact, there is a video of him at that age when he says that when he grows up he wants to be “a professional tennis player.”

From that moment on he fell in love with the sport. He was motivated to enter the world of tennis by the love he has for it and by his burning desire to represent his native Mexico in front of big audiences.

Abraham has always been thankful to God for the talent he was granted to play tennis. There are not many tennis players in Mexico who at 14 are able to play professional tennis. 

“I love this sport and I believe that Mexico can be represented by young tennis players who exemplify intensity and discipline.” Abraham shares. 

Through his career, Abraham has trained in the academy of Gabe Jaramillo, who has trained players like Andre Agassi, Sampras, Nikisori, Anna Kournikova, and many others. He is widely considered the best trainer in the world. Currently, he is trained by Alain Lemaitre, considered the best trainer in Latin America, who is also coach of a team in the Copa Davis Juvenil of Mexico. 

Many businessmen and women have different challenges that can be measured in being able to help more people, sell more merchandise than the previous month, and so on. For a tennis player like Abraham, the challenges are different.

“The next challenge for me is always the next match, the next ball I will hit and the next tournament. And to meet that challenge, I have to train every day for 6 to 7 hours.” He says.

In sports it is critical to have a good mindset and that is something that Abraham is aware of even early into his career.

“The winning mentality is very important because you can have a very good training, physical condition. Without a strong and winning mentality, it is very difficult to beat your opponent.” Abraham explains.

Other obstacles in Abraham’s way have been economic–for young professional sports players it is crucial to have sponsors so that they can participate in international tournaments and improve their sportsmanship and craft.

Moving forward, Abraham’s goals include continuing to fight to achieve his dream to play professional tennis and represent Mexico. To do this, he is now living separate from his parents in another city. Even though that is hard, he is determined to do whatever it takes to make a difference and succeed.

“I am grateful to my parents and all the sponsors that have believed in me, including Dunlop International, Ricardo Araoz, Mango Deck, Baja Cantina, Altor and la Academia TCP.” Abraham adds.

To grow his career, Abraham will continue to share creative content and original art on his Instagram for his more than 10K followers. You can follow him on Instagram and learn more about him here.


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