The Minnesota nuclear power plant is closed to repair a water leak with radioactive compound

About four months after a nuclear power plant in central Minnesota experienced a leak of water containing a radioactive compound, the operator said it will shut down the facility starting this Friday to carry out repairs to a new leak.” immediately”.

The plant’s operator, Xcel Energy, said in a news release Thursday that the leak — near the Mississippi River — is limited to the facility.

The monitoring team determined earlier this week that a small amount of water from the leak began reaching groundwater at the site, the operator said, coming a few months after about 400,000 gallons were released in an initial leak. .

“While the leak continues to pose no risk to the public or the environment, we decided it is best to shut down the plant and proceed immediately with permanent repairs,” said Chris Clark, president of Xcel Energy-Minnesota, North Dakota and Dakota from the south.

According to the company, the shutdown is not expected to affect power service in the area.


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