“The Nanny’s Lessons” the children’s book written by Venezuelans Daniella and Valeria Govea make the top 100 best sellers from Amazon

Daniella and Valeria Govea are two Venezuelan immigrant sisters who are full time babysitters. Both have experienced family separation up close, which awakened in them the need to exalt their traditions and take them to homes of families with different cultures. The passion with which they carry out their work served as the perfect motivation to create the book “The Nanny’s Lessons”, a true dream turned into reality, already in the top 100 of “Amazon Best Sellers” in the category of Hispanic American Literature & Fiction.

Daniella Govea, a lawyer by profession, arrived in the United States in 2019. Her sister, Valeria Govea, completed her degree in Chemical Engineering and she emigrated to the same country in 2020, managing to settle in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. The sisters come from a very large family, so that they used to be constantly surrounded by children and cousins and taking care of their basic necessities was pretty much business as usual. 

Valeria’s first job in the United States was in a Daycare, while Daniella worked taking care of small babies in private homes. Currently, both are fully dedicated to babysitting and are happy to bring their culture and traditions to other families, as well as teach them the spanish language.

 “The Nanny’s Lessons” was born from the love they both have for children and about the experiences they have had caring for them. Besides, the multicultural clash and racism that exists in today’s society is another of the reasons that inspired Daniella and Valeria to create this book, which has lessons dedicated to promoting the importance of respect, tolerance and also to how to honor parents.

“Watching children grow while you take care of them is very beautiful and unforgettable. Our recommendation for those people who want to start working in this industry in a country other than their own, is not fear of cultural differences”, Daniella and Valeria commented, both authors of the book.

The purpose of this captivating literature is to take children on a journey of discovery, showing them that each person has something special and unique to offer the world. “The Nanny’s Lessons” is a dream come true for Daniella and Valeria, and their aspiration is that this book reaches the greatest number of homes and families in the United States and become a reason to share with children or to read it before bed. 

The Nanny’s Lessons” can be purchased via the website: www.thenannyslessons.com or through Amazon.


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