The Pentagon and the US Department of Justice are investigating an apparent leak of classified documents on Ukraine

Both the Pentagon and the US Department of Justice are investigating leaks of apparent US intelligence documents that were posted on social media in recent weeks.

The investigation comes as new documents surfaced on Friday covering everything from US support for Ukraine to information on key US allies, amplifying the fallout from an already alarming leak. The Pentagon said Thursday it was looking into the matter as reports emerged.

Additional leaked documents that open source intelligence researchers brought to light on Friday appear to have been posted online in recent weeks. The documents appear to contain classified information on a variety of topics, including:

-The operations of the mercenary Wagner Group in Africa.

-Israel’s ways to provide lethal aid to Ukraine.

-Intelligence on the UAE’s ties to Russia.

-South Korea concerns over ammunition supply to the US for use in Ukraine.

CNN was unable to independently verify whether the documents had been altered. But they are similar to a batch of classified documents about Ukraine that have been circulating online in recent weeks, which US officials confirmed Friday morning as authentic.

Like those documents, Friday’s discoveries were photos of crumpled, printed documents. They all bore classified markings, some top secret: the highest level of classification. They also appear to have been produced between mid-February and early March.

It is unclear who is behind the leaks and where, exactly, they originated.


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