The Real Estate Investment MVMNT Where Entrepreneurs Can Gain the Tools to Success in the Business World

Many people face adversity in life, and many overcome it to become successful. Ben Lovro is one that overcomes the adversity of his past. After being released from prison in 2014 and getting many rejections and failures into entrepreneurship, he realized that if he wanted to rebuild his life, he would have to build it by himself.

Focusing on the end goal and working towards success, Ben began to self educate and fell in love with the process of self development to change his life. He woke up everyday with a goal to become one step better than he was the day before.

True courage and strength, trial and error I was able to quit my job waiting tables in 2014 and stepped into full-time entrepreneurship. Since that moment we have flipped over 100 houses in more than 7 markets across the Southeast,” Ben says.

Ben Lovro runs a Real Estate Investment business based out of Columbia and South Carolina. The primary focus of the real estate investment business model is to create a win-win situation for distressed homeowners who are looking to sell their properties fast. Ben’s company buys these houses with cash and fixes them up for new families to move in. 

As a forward thinking business innovator and despite the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented, it forced him to adapt to a virtual business model. The organization is structured to run completely virtual with a team of acquisition specialists and automated sales processes. The low housing inventory has allowed them to work on creating better systems, which in return has allowed them to expand the reach market from local housing markets, into 7 states stretching all the way from AR, MS, AL, GA, SC, and OH.

“I believe that in order to succeed in business, you need to have a vision, which means looking into the future and identifying gaps into the market, before the shift physically happens,” Ben explains.

With his team closing deals on autopilot, Ben Lovro is venturing into the education side of the business where he is empowering entrepreneurs and real estate investors with tools they need to become successful. He created Real Estate Investment MVMNT with the vision to inspire a new generation of hybrid entrepreneurs who are able to grow and adapt in this rapidly changing market. “My goal is to give people a roadmap so they can win at life,” says Lovro.

“I realized that because of my past and in order to succeed and help people, I have to work twice as hard as a regular person,” Ben says.

Despite what looks like a simple journey in working towards success, Ben recalls a lot of challenges on getting where he is today. He firmly believes that if you can see something in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.

“The only thing standing between you and your goals is the belief in what is possible. Once you believe something in your heart, it is already yours.” Ben explains.

What helped get him through all these challenges, Ben points out, is a strong mindset because it is easy to talk about your goals, but it’s much harder to translate them into reality. Average people have great ideas and Legendary people have great execution. If you want to excel as an entrepreneur it’s important to grow the process and train like a warrior. There is a Spartan quote that states, “Those who sweat more in practice, bleed less in war.”

“My inspiration to enter into the real estate investing industry was by reading the book, Rich Dad and Poor Dad. That book opened the window of real estate, but I had no idea of the terrain that I would have to navigate in order to reach the destination. I started to study and after attending a seminar I began to structure my real estate investment business like to model success,” Ben explains

Another main aspect to keep in mind for new entrepreneurs is having the willingness to learn new things. It’s important to surround yourself with others in your industry to help you gain the insider knowledge that will prepare your organization for success.

Mindset is everything in entrepreneurship. Ben points out, ‘you have to fall in love with the process.’ I have learned that in many cases the greatest success may have been a result of greatest failures, because you learn more through the failures than any other point in life.

In order to succeed in business, surround yourself with positive and mindset people who are going to help you accomplish your goals, leave a lot of people behind because they won’t understand and support you on your journey. 

“Fear is the opposite of faith. The most successful people that I know are not afraid to fail. In fact, they embrace it as an opportunity to grow,” Ben says.

“Success has many different faces and I believe that it’s ultimately up to the individual to determine what this looks like inside of their unique skill set. For me, success is getting better every single day and becoming one step closer to the person that I was created to be. I see it as a campaign for getting better. Committing one’s life for a much larger cause, contributing to the overall function of society and helping individuals find greatness within their individual story,” Ben outlines.

By focusing on his end goals and a mindset to success in life, Ben was able to overpass the biggest obstacle that he faced so far in his career which was the hurt and pain of the past, as a result of spending just over five years in jail he was able to find motivation and courage to never give up.

“I differentiate myself from the competitor keeping in mind that everything we do is value-driving and it is important to lead with value first, because it opens up the door to opportunities in the future,” Ben explains.

My next project this year is launching the ‘Real Estate Investing MVMNT coaching program’ which is an educational platform for entrepreneurs in Real Estate Investors to learn how to structure their business by creating systems and processes. As part of this educational project, we are launching the Real Estate Investment MVMNT podcast, MVMNT Mastermind, and the Inner Circle Community where we empower entrepreneurs with the tools they need to scale their businesses.

To learn more about Ben Lovro, his plans and business, make sure to visit him on Instagram at @benlovro or visit his websites here and here. 


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