The Successful Law Firm Victor Mosquera Marín Abogados Just Started Their Operations in the US Market To Provide All Their Clients Personalized and Specialized Services

Victor Mosquera Marín Abogados is a regional and international firm of professionals in Law and other disciplines that focuses on litigation and strategic advice. Plus, they always offer their clients agile and timely proposals with the best practices and world trends. 

They carry out personalized, specialized and comprehensive legal advice and take care of  selecting the professionals linked to the firm in different countries because their main assets are trust, suitability, quality and high standards which are reflected in all areas of their services.

Victor Mosquera Marín Abogados has a recognized national and international prestige and strategic positioning in the areas of law in which they specialize, being recognized by their extensive clientele for comprehensive legal advice, through 6 pillars: professionalism, perseverance, sacrifice, loyalty, trust and effective protection of the interests and rights of their customers.

“We have over 20 years of experience in Colombia and we recently expanded our legal services to the United States. The firm began with a series of legal advice in the US, more specifically in New York, a city in which the official launch of operations on Times Square’s screens on November 21 was held”, Victor explains.

They officially began to provide specialized legal advice and legal accompaniment in the United States, in the areas of immigration law and entertainment law. Some of their main clients in that country will be music personalities such as Nicky Jam, the Inc. industry, Manuel Turizo and Beele, as well as recognized fashion brands such as Dolce Amore and Blackcoi. But that’s not all! The office will also represent many Colombian businesswomen, like the designer Eugenia Fernández and Juliana Mesa.

“When starting the firm, we had as motivation that our services were integral and that they would provide advice that involved understanding globalization and finding better service opportunities for customers in other jurisdictions and countries”, Victor adds.

He founded Victor Mosquera Marín Abogados when he was returning to Colombia after having lived in Rome, Italy. Victor realized that there were no legal services companies that transcended borders and that there was no professionalism or integral vision to meet customer needs as a whole, so he decided to take the opportunity and now Victor is the successful director of a prestigious law firm with a wide international presence!

“We manage to stand out from the crowd because we provide comprehensive legal advice and services that fit the needs of each client”, he details.

The firm also received the award in the Strategic Litigation Experts of the Year category at the New World Report Elite 2021 Awards. Without a doubt, their professionalism, personalized attention and extensive experience and knowledge in the industry really make them stand out within the national and international law market.

They are also stepping into 2023 with big goals and plans, as Victor describes them below:

“This year we plan to consolidate our integral law services for our clients in the American market, looking for our customers to obtain optimal solutions with the support of our strategic alliances and our highly qualified team.”

To find out more about the Victor Mosquera Marín Abogados firm, check out their website here. You can also follow them on Instagram here!


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