The US announces that it supports the creation of a special court to try Russia for “crime of aggression” in Ukraine

The United States announced its support for the creation of a special court to try Russia for the crime of aggression, marking significant progress in the effort to hold senior Kremlin officials accountable for the war in Ukraine.

“At this critical moment in history, I am pleased to announce that the United States supports the development of an international tribunal dedicated to trying the crime of aggression against Ukraine,” Beth Van Schaack, US ambassador-at-large for justice, said Monday. world criminal.

The US announcement comes after Ukraine and other countries have pushed for months to develop the court.

At that time, the US had not ruled on whether or not it supported the creation of a special court, and US officials said they were evaluating the option and supporting other mechanisms such as the International Criminal Court.

However, in her statements on Monday, Van Schaack stated that “there are compelling arguments to explain why” the crime of aggression “should be tried alongside” the crimes investigated by the ICC.


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