Three Entrepreneurs Put their Minds Together to Make a Successful Business Known as Launcher’s Academy. Find Out their Stories Below.

A good team is crucial to making a successful business. You want to have people to bounce ideas off of, communicate with, and be able to build a strong partnership. When you do not have these elements, businesses tend to fall apart. Thankfully, at Launcher’s Academy, the three entrepreneurs there have built a solid foundation that has allowed them to create a successful ecommerce business.

The first entrepreneur on the team is Jaiden Vu. Jaiden was a chef who realized that he wanted more from life than just working day to day as a chef. He wanted to make a real impact on his life and create more generational wealth for himself. 

“My backstory is that I was a corporate chef turned accidental entrepreneur all because I wanted more freedom to  myself and live the lifestyle I found more attractive. Running or even starting a business was never in the cards for me or at least it was not something I thought about much growing up. It just kind of happened,” Jaiden details.

The second entrepreneur who makes up the Launcher’s Academy team is Melissa Ng. Melissa moved from her previous job as a certified professional accountant to join the world of dropshipping. She had always had an interest in dropshipping and wanted to create something that was her own instead of working for someone else. 

“I had always wanted to build something greater than myself and be able to call something my own by starting my  own business, so I decided to take a leap of faith. After helping over 100+ entrepreneurs with starting and launching their service-based business  through gaining clarity on their targeting, positioning, branding and website design, I decided to go into eCommerce because I wanted to build a more passive income stream. eCommerce provided the opportunity to get into a growing and high demand industry, and allowed for easier global expansion and scalability. I decided to leverage the dropshipping business model due to the low upfront capital investment, being able to spend less energy because the fulfillment process is done by the supplier, and the ability to focus only mainly on marketing to sell the product,” Melissa remarks.

Finally, the last entrepreneur on the team is Christy Liu. Christy is an ecommerce expert who is more ambitious than most entrepreneurs out there. She has a background in design and marketing, specializing in strategic web, user experience, and brand  design. Christy previously worked at a corporation and at several technology start-ups. She also co-founded a  strategic design agency before venturing off into e-commerce. With her diverse specialties, she is passionate about  teaching people how to build user-friendly and effective e-commerce experiences.

“Prior to starting dropshipping, I had helped several e-commerce clients redesign their websites and brands.  With the e-commerce industry booming, I saw big opportunities and have always wanted to build my own e-commerce brand. Through dropshipping, me  and my team made big accomplishments right from the start and grew their brand further. Now, I want to guide other aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs in building successful  dropshipping businesses,” Christy comments.

Launcher’s Academy focuses on training people how to use the powers of ecommerce to build up their wealth and success while being able to enjoy other parts of life such as traveling or even working another job.

“We are the co-founders of Launcher’s Academy which is an E-Commerce Training Platform based in Vancouver, BC. We all wanted more freedom to ourselves and live the lifestyle they found more attractive while making a passive income. Running or even starting a business was never in the cards for them or at least it was not something they thought about until the three met and made it happen. It’s never too early to learn. It’s never too late to learn. In fact, one of the best approaches in most any facet of life, especially entrepreneurship, is to consistently learn, unlearn, and relearn. This is an exercise in humility that they  regularly tell novice entrepreneurs of. If your goal and mission in life is to be a success, whatever that may mean to you, focus on being a sponge. Your mission is to surround yourself with the smartest people that you can learn from,” the Launcher’s Academy Team explains.

To find out how you can find winning products, build a highly converting Shopify store, run profitable facebook ads and ultimately  become a successful ecommerce entrepreneur, check out their website here.


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