Three Ways The Artificial Intelligence Field Can Change For The Better

Authored by Dr. Abdalla Kablan 

Artificial intelligence is the wave of the future. It is receiving some of the highest amounts of intrigue and investment as people recognize it as the way that the world is heading, but that is the only way that people see it: technology and nothing else. However, if we focus on pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence, we could achieve what is referred to as “Artificial Wisdom.” 

A new field of thought within the field of Artificial Intelligence shows us how it has not reached its potential, because we have been looking at AI the wrong way. It can be used to create much more, and better, than it has up until now, if we approach it correctly. Below, we have laid out a few of the reasons why Artificial Intelligence has much more potential: 

  1. Artificial intelligence has great potential and could allow us to eventually create wiser systems rather than the creation of just intelligent systems. 

The main problem with artificial intelligence goes back to the roots of understanding data. Data can be viewed as a life-cycle. First, data is processed and becomes information, which then evolves into knowledge, which, with practice, becomes understanding of the problem domain. Lastly, there’s something that, with practicing of processing and understanding and intelligence, evolves into wisdom. Unfortunately the overwhelming majority of artificial intelligence systems historically are still stuck in being intelligence-glorified knowledge and have not achieved the wisdom stage. 

  1. Artificial intelligence can be used to create socially, emotionally, and culturally intelligent systems.

The difference between knowledge and wisdom is quite clear – Knowledge is the difference between true and false but Wisdom is the difference between right and wrong. Historically, artificial intelligence could not figure out the link or inference to the side of wisdom. The reason being is that for the past 40 to 50 years in artificial intelligence, the arms race was mainly to create the next Einstein, the best mathematical model that can solve a problem like beating the world champion at Chess or Go. Instead of creating an Einstein, we should have focused on creating an Aristotle which understands the various facets of intelligence, not only the intellectual and mathematical intelligence but also the social intelligence, the cultural intelligence, and the emotional intelligence. The reason why these have not been solved is not because they are unsolvable, it’s that no one has focused on them.

  1. If used correctly, Artificial intelligence can be used to create more good than bad in the world. 

Rather than just artificial intelligence, we need to focus on artificial wisdom – to create systems that, by design, follow a benevolent path instead of a destructive path. This mindset takes into account the flawed nature of humans, which can have a significant impact on artificial intelligence. When it comes to this complex subject, Dr. Abdalla Kablan taught me that by addressing human flaw through artificial intelligence, specifically through the use of Neuromorphic Engineering and Neuromorphic computer chips, human flaw and irrationality can be predicted and kept to a minimum. 

Despite humans possessing the most advanced supercomputer in existence (the human brain), we have never evolved to utilise most of its processing capabilities. By using the human brain and its interconnecting web as a model for artificial intelligence, we can elevate artificial intelligence to a whole other level. By cracking the field of neuromorphic chips and neuromorphic computing, the tech world will change for decades to come. 


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