VanGo Vapes Founder Saadiq Daya Speaks on Finding a Unique Market for Flavored Alternatives to Cigarettes

As vaping and e-cigarettes have grown in popularity over the past few years, many have flocked to the growing industry to carve out a profitable space of their own. In a crowded space, however, it becomes even more important to find a niche that a company can cater to. Saadiq Daya, founder of VanGo Vapes, has done just that – finding a unique market focused on bringing together people and ideas for the purpose of synergy and collaboration through their manufacturing and distribution of Eliquids and Flaving products, which are flavored nicotine liquids for electronic cigarettes.

In 2014, Saadiq was working as a full time accountant – while also living as a smoker. After being introduced to vaping by some friends, Saadiq knew it would be life changing for himself and others. 

“With vaping, I was shocked at how effective it was at helping me quit smoking. It was a whole new world of flavor. However, flavoring allowed me to really explore flavors and try to create different experiences. I was very passionate about the products, and was ecstatic about how effective it was. I was also excited to jump into business for myself; doing consulting for years, although enjoyable, got me excited to try it for myself and see what we could do,” Saadiq says. 

When he decided to go into business, Saadiq was immediately intrigued by the product itself, how it works, and how it was made. This interest allows Saadiq to invest in making the best product for customers possible. As he developed the product line and the brand, he was able to see his own creations come to fruition. 

On top of bringing ideas to life, his business also gave Saadiq the opportunity to help others through the transition of quitting smoking cigarettes.

“I am extremely passionate about helping others through the same transition I went through. Upon starting VanGo Vapes, I had been smoking for over 8 years. With my wife pregnant with our third child, I was so grateful that they would never have to deal with a smoking parent. My wife enjoyed working with the flavors and was a huge supporter as I was making the jump from being a full time accountant to full time entrepreneur,” Saadiq recalls. 

Even with the passion and support from his close network, Saadiq admits there are some elements of running your own business that can prove difficult. As he began his business, Saadiq had to play many roles and wear many hats at the same time. 

“It can be challenging trying to put the right amount of resources and effort into all the different moving parts. Dealing with regulations and regulators has been a huge headache for our industry as well, with them constantly changing them making it extremely costly to keep up,” Saadiq outlines. 

To stay ahead of the challenges, Saadiq prioritises his ability to always be learning and taking in new information. Before he even started his business, Saadiq researched as much as possible – using all resources available to gain as much “free” knowledge as possible. 

“I would call local businesses and see if they would be willing to give you 30 minutes to sit down and ask questions. Use google, go to the library, talk to accountants and bankers. There are so many good, free resources out there; so many things are pretty simple and straightforward, but often people miss them in the beginning, causing headaches down the road,” Saadiq remarks. 

With the efforts Saadiq has put into his business from the start, he’s been able to find great success. But for him, success goes far beyond the industry or the business itself, but circles back to allowing Saadiq to gain control and autonomy over his time. 

“The flexibility of running my own, successful business, is being able to spend time with those that you love, not just the quantity of time, but the right time. Being there when it matters most, and being able to pass on the lessons from the journey to others. By finding the ability to have a good work/life balance, I can be healthy, financially stable, engaged in a fulfilling life with purpose,” Saadiq says. 

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