Viviana Spinosa Discovered Painting at the Age of Five, and Now She Runs a Successful Art Business. Learn More Here!

Viviana Spinosa is quite an amazing artist, businesswoman and entrepreneur. She is the successful creator of paintings and sculptures, she designs her own collections and also makes personalized artworks, according to the requirements of each client. But that’s not all! Viviana also works in merchandising and transforms commercial products, such as clothing, accessories and walls, through art.

“I have always been connected with art. At five years old I discovered painting as a form of expression, of communication and of connection with my feelings. Without thinking about it, art gradually became part of my life”, Viviana explains.

At the age of 15 Viviana had already been painting for a few years but had not yet sold anything, until a friend’s father saw one of her paintings by chance one day and told her that he wanted to buy it. Today, many years later, he still keeps the painting in a very special place in his office! This was only Viviana’s first sale of many, where she discovered her full potential and decided to dedicate herself to art full time.

“That way I understood the importance of organizing myself and creating a life project where art was my center and where I could make money from what I liked to do the most. What really motivated me over time was realizing that nothing is impossible. It’s all about doing things with love!”, Viviana adds.

She manages to stand out from other similar artists because of her joyful and colorful art. Viviana works with different techniques and constantly explores new concepts, as well as includes colors, animals and landscapes in her artworks! 

“For me, success is making people feel identified with my artworks and to create a way of communication beyond words. Getting my clients to admire my designs is my great motivation and that’s why I work so hard to be successful”, Viviana details.

But of course, not everything has been easy on her path. Quite the opposite. Viviana has faced diverse challenges, such as managing to attract the attention of the clientele – since in the world of art subjectivity is a constant factor and it is important to know how to persuade the potential buyer-, learning how to satisfy the expectations of all her customers and ensuring that her personal problems do not affect her work.

“In order to be able to paint and create, I need mental lucidity and a clear mind. If not, it is really hard for me. I’m not the type of artist who sees sadness as a source of inspiration. My paintings are happier, I play with colors, shapes, landscapes…, Viviana mentions.

She is stepping into 2023 with big plans and aspirations, as she describes them below:

“I consider myself a very restless woman, always wanting to learn and create different art proposals. My next project focuses on work with sculptures; I am studying, researching and creating!”

Viviana also advises all  new emerging artists to learn to see their art from a business perspective and to follow their dreams, no matter what. “You must understand that your talent and your artworks are worth it. Be clear about what you want to do and where you want to go. Then start making it happen. It’s also important to continue studying, updating and innovating so as not to be left behind.”

Without a doubt, Viviana’s story is a source of hard work and inspiration not only to artists and entrepreneurs, but to all of us. To find out more about her work, follow her on Instagram here and check out her website here.


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