William Truss Is The Fat Loss & Peak Performance Coach for High Performers: Learn His Story Below!

William Truss is the man you are looking for if you are dealing with fitness, nutrition, and mindset consulting. He is the owner of the top program for busy men and women wanting to build goal bodies fast. He has helped thousands of high performers & busy professionals in the last few years lose stubborn fat and have incredible transformations without having to starve or sacrifice having fun.

It all began with something that, for other people without William’s mindset, would have been a catastrophe. William played professional basketball overseas for five years, and he suddenly suffered a lower back injury that left him defeated, and unable to return to the court. Depressed, he gained over 95 pounds in 7 months.

He struggled a lot to find a fitness and nutrition program that worked for him, so he decided to create his own. That was how the FlexNutrition Method was born. After that, William was able to lose 95 pounds in only 7 months and now he is helping others achieve the same goal.

“I began helping people lose weight and slowly but surely became a transformation specialist that helps men and women lose weight and gain self-confidence which helps them reclaim control of their health and their lives”, William shares.

He was inspired to get into the fitness industry by his love for helping people. That way, William can help his clients transform into the best version of themselves without restrictive diets or extreme changes in habits. 

“That is the most fulfilling experience that I get from my career as a coach. My clients constantly tell me how happy they are that they chose to change their lives and take massive action”, he explains.

William also manages to stand out from other similar businesses because he truly cares about his clients. Once they join his program they become part of his family. His passion for helping others achieve their goals is what has allowed him to reach so much success over the years. His clients feel accompanied, loved, and supported and that makes all the difference.

However, the road to success was not always easy for William and his business. As many other entrepreneurs will tell you, they have had to overcome the concept of not passing up on great opportunities out of fear or it not being the “right time”. But the truth is that there is no such thing as a perfect time to start anything, that’s one of the most common excuses. Yet, time does not get better. Time doesn’t align itself with your goals. You have to work for it, and so William did. He also understands that creating a successful and profitable business is not an easy job at all.

My advice to those that want to start their own business is to make sure that you stay hungry. If you ever let your foot off the gas and become complacent then you’ve defeated yourself. Always press forward and keep ascending”, William advises.

He is not slowing down any time soon! William launched an online transformation coaching program and he’s working to get people the best possible results. He is also looking to start a non-profit that teaches youth in inner-city schools the importance of whole food nutrition, fitness, and the positive impact that those can have on their lives.

“Nothing gives me more joy than seeing people accomplish their goals and overcome self-doubt and enter a mindset shift of growth and self-love”, he adds.

You can follow his Instagram & direct message “CHANGE” to accomplish your goal body & lose the stubborn fat forever.


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