With The Inspiring Next Generation Leader Bastiano Farran On Business Strategy And Operations

At 23 years old, Bastiano Farran had already made three million dollars leading a unique fundraiser and from there, he has never stopped working to achieve his seemingly unthinkable goals. He has led multi billion dollar programs, where his work literally disrupted industries as we know them. His positive mindset made him and many around him incredibly successful. After founding multiple companies Such as CB, the fintech that combined machine learning and design thinking to create an unparalleled customer experience, Bastiano became a regional director in a highly reputable firm. He also was an advisor for the US Department of commerce, providing a strategy that increased jobs in the United states. Bastiano joined a big 4 consulting firm where he received the highest industry awards, and became a business transformation leader leading multi-billion dollar transformations. 

During his free time, Bastiano acts in Hollywood movies, side film projects and TV shows. Speaking with some of his team members, there was consensus on his charismatic leadership style, inspiring character and giving nature. An intriguing thing that caught our attention is mentioning that working with Bastiano combines career growth and enjoyable work. He invests in mentoring his team and exposing them to challenging experiences where they can gow, and then out of nowhere he might take them to meet their favorite movie star, drive supercars, or on a boat trip across Miami beaches!

“I was very lucky and grateful that I was entrusted with leading large and diverse programs in 16 counties. This exposure to new cultures, complex challenges and environment fast-tracked my growth on all levels. You are given many opportunities in life, you have to be ready to take them on, and push yourself to exceed expectations on them. The successful outcome and impact of these programs helped me become a go-to-person when stakes and complexity are high. For example, when the cruise line industry took a hit due to covid, I was personally requested as an adviser to help create a strategy that would turnaround the industry throughout the pandemic” Bastiano explains.

That is not even breaking the tip of the “iceberg” on the impact that Bastiano had on industries and the largest companies in the world. 

Key to an Organization’s Strategic Success. 

“When it comes to strategy there is no cookie cutter approach that works for all companies, however, here are some general insights. First of all understand the company’s mission and vision, so that strategy development across the company is in harmony with what the company is trying to achieve in the market. Create a value delivery system geared around delivering value to customers and continuously prioritize goals to align with value delivery. Create visibility and clear metrics around functional objectives and key initiatives. Finally, keep reinventing yourself, stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the industry and market, bench-mark with your competitors to make sure you are indeed positioned according to where you plan to be positioned.  

Key to Programs’s Operational Success. 

“The top focus to succeed operationally is understanding strategic goals we want to achieve, and enabling teams to deliver them through creating collaborative and inclusive processes. Whatever the approach or methodology is, it should be geared towards achieving these goals. I created a hybrid approach that combines Agile program management and Waterfall traditional program management. This gave large organizations a competitive advantage where their teams were nimble and quick to remain in tune with market, technology, and other changes that impact the program. And on another hand, create a portfolio level reporting and visibility for the entire company and leadership to remain informed. During the 2020 pandemic, this gave organizations the operational ability to adapt, the leadership real time visibility on what’s happening on the ground to properly make strategic decisions” Bastiano remarks.


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