Without the Correct Recipe, People Cannot Manage Their Credit. Without Good Credit, People Cannot Grow. Learn More About the Credit Chef

How important is credit today? Very. Credit allows people to accomplish more things in perhaps less time. Understanding this, Charles Truvillion, better known as The Credit Chef, runs a credit repair and financial education business.

I started my own credit repair company after working for corporate America 50 plus hours per week just looking for time and freedom. After starting my company, I learned that understanding FICO scores was not as common as I thought it was. There was a need for someone to break down the credit report; almost like a recipe, so that everyone can learn and understand how to have financial freedom.” 

Before getting into credit repair and financial education, Charles spent years making a living cooking. This is why nowadays he is known as The Credit Chef.

I was a self-taught chef who learned by watching Food Network many hours a day. Everyone loved my food and my mix of flavors from around the world while I was working at my job. Upon the company closing I decided to become a private chef.” He shares.

While working at his job, he met a person who mentored and educated him on the subject of credit and how to improve it. This was important for Charles because his father had told him to not have a credit card and only use cash–which was a mistake many Americans make. 

My mentor taught me all about credit, how to manage it and how it could help me in the future. A few years later he passed away. Not thinking I had enough knowledge I continued to be a cook on the side while working in corporate America. Unfortunately, I lost my job in 2011 and had to be a full-time chef.” Charles says.

Soon after, he attended an event where he offered information on credit for free to others. But because he had obstacles in his past, such as a DUI, Charles did not trust he could make a living from teaching others how to manage their credit but his credit was not up to par and he didn’t even have a car. 

Charles ended up moving to Las Vegas, Nevada, where one of his mentors told him that he should start calling himself The Credit Chef because he cooked and helped repair customers’ credit. 

Charles listened. He trademarked the name and quickly made a name for himself. Today, six years later, he has already helped over 5,000 people restore and improve their credit. 

Many of my clients have started their own business, while others have bought their first home. The pleasure I get from helping a consumer increase their credit score is far more satisfying than improving their palate. We help them savor the result of healthy credit.” Charles states.

As The Credit Chef, Charles offers clients a “Signature Recipe” and a “Secret Sauce” to repair their credit. To do this, he builds packages from what he learned about credit while having bad credit working in corporate America. 

Moreover, the goal of Charles’ credit repair and financial education business is to help consumers improve their credit scores the same way he can improve their palate with his cooking. He wants to help people taste the outcome of healthy credit.

“A friend’s dad told me to always protect my credit because I would need it when I was older. I took advantage of that and destroyed my credit many times. I just want to help consumers not make the mistakes I made.” He explains.

After growing this project for ten years, following his ventures in corporate America for fifteen years, Charles understands the key to building a business and the attributes that help business owners overcome obstacles.

The most important part of owning a business is your mindset. You have to build an impenetrable mindset to not accept any negativity because it will hold back your success.” He adds. “For me, success is having freedom to enjoy my children without being told that I have to sacrifice time with them. Moments are not promised.”

In the future, Charles wants to get more involved in real estate. He also wants to open a tax office to help his credit clients start their own business and achieve financial freedom with their families. 

Learn more about Charles or contact The Credit Chef here.


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