Yulian Rosales Is Helping Thousands of People To Change Their Lives Through His Company Xparta Entertainment. Learn More Here!

Yulian Rosales is quite an amazing entrepreneur. He is the founder of the digital company “Xparta Entertainment”, which focuses on the management of content creators and influencers. The agency has positioned itself as one of the best in Latin America, based in Colombia. It was founded with an innovative business model, taking advantage of the market opportunities and leading a new category in the creation of digital content. 

Thanks to his extensive experience, Yulian has the knowledge, the techniques and all the strategies necessary to grow and viralice content on digital platforms, especially on Facebook. In fact, the content creators who work with Xparta Entertainment have found an important strategic partner that allows them to capitalize on their audience in a more effective way, achieving incredible results in a short period of time.

“I was motivated to start my business by the need to support all those talents who want to create content and don’t know how to start in the industry or grow. I wanted to help and support people who, like me, want to be great within their community in the digital entertainment industry”, Yulian shares.

Yulian founded Xparta Entertainment in 2019, when he discovered a unique opportunity in the market where there was a lot of ignorance about social networks and content creation. He decided to take advantage of it and created a successful and profitable company which is helping thousands of people change their lives!

Part of the company’s mission is to  help influencers, content creators and companies to grow successfully and to create audiovisual productions for everyone’s entertainment. They also plan to position themselves as the leading company in the management of influencers and digital content creators in Latin America.

“I am sure that what differentiates me the most from the crowd are my values, such as loyalty and honesty. I truly care about people and I want to help them, that is my life goal!”, Yulian adds.

Xparta Entertainment offers many types of services, including viralization and monetization of content, content management, distribution and promotion of digital content, management of social networks, design and creation of video content and much more!

“We accompany the whole process of every content creator. We offer a totally personalized service so that our clients can create valuable content for their audience, reach more people and have accelerated growth”, Yulian explains.

For Yulian, his mindset was decisive in his path to success. He believes that it is vital for every entrepreneur to be clear about what they want to achieve and where they want to go. No one should never lose focus and, furthermore, it is very important to be persevering, disciplined and constant. 

“Never give up no matter what the obstacles and always take new opportunities. If you work hard and care about helping people, you will succeed sooner or later!” he advises.

Yulian and his team are currently working on becoming the most influential company in Latin America. They plan to become the #1 benchmark in the market for content creators and influencers in the entire digital field!

To find out more Yulian, follow him on Instagram here. You can also check his website here.


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